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Focus – it is about painting

I have been working on this painting for about a month or so. However, I’m not slaving away every waking hour or minute. I average about 6 to 12 hours a week, sometimes more. When not working on this painting I also like to spend about the same amount of time drawing. It is drawing that allows me to explore and develop ideas for future paintings.

This week I’m fighting my internal self (again) that wanted to “not” work on this painting. The realization of how much more work is required was turning me off. I had become fixated on replicating my original drawing. Unfortunately or fortunately, once I start something I “must” finish it. I’m not sure where that comes from, maybe it was beat into me as a child, or it’s just my nature.

At this point I’m not really liking the painting and asking myself why carry on, why not just quit? The magic feeling of starting a new project has vanished. Even though I “know” this usually happens I still struggle. I must ask myself what can I do to boost my desire — to refocus? The answer to this is simple, forget about the original drawing and focus on the painting. After all this is a painting not a drawing.

Whew, that helps. Now I can make changes — drawing be damned — let’s do a painting!


Eventually the painting will monopolize my time and drawing will have to cower in the background — crying out: what about me?

Ed Ritchie

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