The Art of … arg!!!

Arg! For me this can be a very difficult stage in the painting process. Excitement was the joy felt in the first few sessions. I was super excited about the drawing and the initial application of light and dark tones. In my mind I’m imagining a great final image.

Arg – then I added the light values to each individual shape. Arg – now I know what I’m in for. The colours are thin and uneven. Lots of work to do. Now the laborious stage begins.

This is when I can barely stomach looking at the work up close. I can see every misplaced brush stroke. Deep within myself I have this urge to panic and quit. Arg!

Close up of painting
Close up of painting

I need to step back and look at the image and slap my me in the face to remind me it’s only the beginning.

OK, now that I’ve exercised “arg” from my thoughts I can continue. At this stage I added the light value to each shape (shadow sections) and then did the same for the dark values. After that I added all the light values to the “light sections”. I haven’t added the dark values to the “light sections” yet. Arg — so much work to do.

Glorified Doodle so far - arg
Glorified Doodle so far – arg!

My plan for this painting is that every individual shape gets its own form, colour, values and lighting. These shapes are part of a team and together they make the painting. It’s teamwork I tells ya!

So … I keep going – arg!

You can follow me if you wish to see the next steps. Or if you have found your way here long after this post then follow the links below.

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