The Art of Glorifying a Doodle.

Over the past several weeks I have been doing mindless doodle drawings. The process is to simply start at a point on the paper and evolve the drawing from there. I use ink pens to avoid the urge to erase. The end result is almost always an unknown. Often the result is positive. Often times not so much. I thought I might expand that process to a painting.

Of course the drawing is not quite so mindless as it required several sessions to complete. I think it still has the same feel as one of my doodle drawings.

glorified-doodle - finished drawing

Now that the drawing and rendering is complete I start adding colour.


I start with a base colour of burnt umber for the dark areas and sienna for the light areas.

glorified-doodle - base colour

At this stage my current painting is nothing more than a glorified doodle – with colour. Mindlessness is pretty much ancient history. I actually have to make decisions … arg! Did I mention thinking is hard on the brain!

You can follow me if you wish to see the next steps. Or if you have found your way here long after this post then follow the links below.

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