A long time ago in a different world…

Thirty years ago I was an artist, a young artist, the web did not exist.

I had high hopes of spending my life as an artist, painting, drawing, sculpting and providing for my family as an artist. Well, that did not happen. Life gets in the way and you have to make choices. Those choices lead to other choices and more choices and then next thing you know you are going down another path.

Fast forward to now and I’ve circled back to being an artist. Hopefully smarter, wiser and full of Zen. When I say full of Zen I mean I can work without thinking. My work is thoughtless. I don’t care what my work means, I just do it.

Checkout the two paintings below. The first painting was completed in 1989 (I think). The second around 1996 just as the Web was exploding.

I can’t remember what I was thinking while painting “Against the Sun“. I must have been looking at a lot of sculpture work by Rodin and in particular the statue of Balzac. I really liked the silhouette and a similar shape managed to find it’s way into my image. And it may have been a very hot summer that year – thus the sun.

Against the sun
Against the sun

In the painting titled “Where to go” I was making a choice between continuing as a painter represented by the artists palette icon or exploring the world of computers as represented by the window with clouds (upper right section). I chose Windows.

Where to go
Where to go

Hard to believe that 30 years has passed so quickly and … I’m still painting.

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