Post Web 1

Post Web-1

The first web page I ever built was in 1996 using an Amiga 4000 computer. I retired from my job as a Web Developer in 2018.

Now I return to my original path: Artist.

This painting entitled “Post Web 1” is the first in a series of four paintings I completed to represent my transition from techie guy to artist. I loved building websites but that time is done.

Yeah, I know – I’m building this site, but only to showcase my work. I no longer need to earn a living as a web guy. Nor do I need to earn a living as an artist. I’m retired!

The above painting entitled Post Web 1 is my first painting post retirement. The goal was to simply get started. No final outcome was desired other than a starting point to get my inner artist kick-started. Based upon my own pre-retirement plan I was ready.

Below are the steps for my first Post Web work (I worked 21 years as a “Web developer” – or “Webmaster” (a popular term at one time).

Step 1: simply start mucking with the paint to familiarize with brush, colour and technique.

Post Web 1 - step 1
Post Web 1 – step 1

Step 2: narrowing down my choice of technique. Still nothing planned, just “messing around”. I also started experimenting with pouring paint.

Post Web 1 - step 2
Post Web 1 – step 2

Step 3: more paint pouring, no limitations other than keeping to cool blues and violet.

Post Web 1 - step 3
Post Web 1 – step 3

Step 4: after lots of pouring of paint (thin layers added after each layer dried) I decided I best experiment with brush strokes. I used the colour wheel compliment of blue – orange.

Post Web 1 - step 4
Post Web 1 – step 4

Step 5: nothing much happening here other than more paint pours and brush work in the background.

Post Web 1 - step 5
Post Web 1 – step 5

Step 6: some minor tweaks and the painting is done. As a final painting – meh! However, the process helped put me in the ” artist mode”. The painting took about a month. A few hours several days a week. I now have an established work pattern and ready to tackle “Post Web 2”.

Post Web 1 - step 6
Post Web 1 – step 6


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