Recent Drawings

Now that the initial build of the website is complete I can start adding new stuff. So what is this new stuff? The new stuff is my recent drawings. Just because I say “recent” doesn’t really mean I just did them though.

This is a new website so we need a little padding to get things rolling. So, what I’m saying here is that I finished the “Recent Drawings” section of the Drawing Gallery.

Have a look at some so-called “recent” drawings. This is the section of my web that I intend to add recent drawings or at the very least drawings that I have not shown.

And yes my first few postings will be fluffy and mostly filler. However, if you come back in a few days, months or years the site may actually contain more substance. Mind you if you are reading this months or years from now then there is substance. When is now – hmm, either check the posting date or look at a calendar.

Time – it’s a brain drain if you think about it. Anyway, check out my “Recent Drawings Gallery“. Thanks for getting this far (reading that is).